About Remington College

Each day at Remington College, we talk to people looking to make a change – people who believe that an education can make a real difference and can lead to new and better opportunities for those who are committed to doing the work.(1)

That's what Remington College is all about.

We're experienced and trusted.

Remington College is a common name used by all 12 campuses of a group of non-profit, post-secondary educational institutions. The College has been actively involved in the U.S. higher education community since 1987. All Remington College campuses:

  • Are eligible for participation in Title IV programs.
  • Provide training services for vocational rehabilitation programs where available.
  • Are accredited. Please visit our Accreditation Page for more info.

We're non-profit and non-traditional.

Our non-profit college is designed for non-traditional students who want focused, hands-on training – the kind of fully engaged, targeted training that helps prepare you for entry-level positions in your chosen field, typically in less time than it takes with a traditional four-year college program.(1)

As a non-profit organization, our goals include addressing the needs of our student base, expanding and enhancing the diploma and degree programs we offer and the number of classes we schedule, increasing the accessibility of our faculty and staff, and ensuring our full support of, and commitment to, our local communities.

We're about teaching you practical skills.

We hire instructors with experience in the vocations they teach. All of our staff members understand what today's employers are looking for and are committed to helping you on your path toward career success.(1)

We strive to teach you how to be a professional, we help you create a professionally done résumé, and we help you develop the confidence and skills you need for your all-important job interviews.(1)

We're about community.

Our management, faculty, and staff are guided by decades of dedicated service and a foundation of caring support and active involvement in the communities where we live and work.

We get to know our communities. We get involved for the good of our communities. We train our graduates to make a difference in our communities.

We're about students like you.

As of 2013, more than 76,000 students have become Remington College graduates. Our student population represents varied backgrounds, cultures, and age groups, with one common goal: a quality education that may help you find employment in your chosen field and provide a chance for a better future.(1)

(1)Employment is not guaranteed for students or graduates.