Remington College’s online Health Information Management Master’s Degree program provides graduates of a Bachelor’s Degree program in Health Information Management with the opportunity for advancement in the health information management field. The curriculum focuses on clinical information resources, workflow, and connectivity within the healthcare industry and public health sectors. The course curriculum also focuses on research, analysis, and writing. Health information managers work in a variety of health-related settings, and the objective of this program is to prepare graduates to pursue higher-level, industry-wide administrative, research, and information systems activities.2

Program Details

Program Details

  • Enterprise Data Compliance and Technology
  • Projects in Data Analysis
  • Information Systems Management
  • Applications of Healthcare Information Technology
  • Financial Resource Management
  • Informational Technology and Data Security
  • Education and Training Initiatives in Health Information Management
  • Other courses designed to help you prepare for a higher-level career managing health information systems.

Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities2

  • Medical Records Technician
  • Health Information Technician