Mobile Campus

Open the door to our Mobile Campus, and you'll see a reception area that is bright, inviting, and friendly.

Our staff and faculty are accessible throughout your training with us, even after you graduate. And the best doors we can help you open are those that may lead to a new career.1 We've been helping folks do that since we opened our own doors as the very first "Southeast College of Technology" in July 1986.

Career and Technical Training in Mobile, Alabama

Being responsive to you and your needs is our goal at Remington College - Mobile Campus.

It starts at the beginning when, as a new student, you meet our senior management team during your orientation. This allows you to get to know them and helps them get to know you.

We think it's our "open-door policy" - our personalized level of care and commitment and our desire to help you succeed - that helps us stand out and will help you feel you've made the right choice in selecting Remington College in Mobile.