Shreveport Campus

The fun, friendly, and caring atmosphere makes our Shreveport Campus stand out. And our smaller size compared to traditional campuses creates a smaller teacher/student ratio, which may mean more chances for students to exchange ideas, have one-on-one time with instructors, and see first-hand how in-tune our administration is with today's student needs.

The diversity of our student population ably serves to prepare our graduates for today's diverse workforce and to function effectively as citizens.1 Our instructors offer a practical combination of lectures and hands-on learning that helps our students gain the skill and confidence they need for the real world.

And our many volunteer opportunities allow students to network with local professionals and extend the sense of community that we instill.

Remington College Shreveport Faculty

Friendly faces greet you with a smile, whether you're visiting our Shreveport Campus for the first time, or you are a full-time student or staff member. Faculty and staff at our Shreveport Campus eagerly reach out to students, not just to teach but to share what they know through their professional guidance.

This sense of fellowship also extends to our Director of Education who is serious about quality career training but likes to inject some fun into special activities. The Shreveport Campus keeps things light by celebrating events like Halloween, Mardi Gras and Thanksgiving.